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September 16, 2021



Ideally, captains should have several years of prior experience playing the game of Ultimate Frisbee. Captains should be able to help guide their team in a positive and friendly way, and show strong leadership in the SPIRIT of the GAME.


Responsibilities of a captain:

Provide guidance to players with the game of ultimate frisbee.
Make sure your team is having fun! Offer suggestions in a positive way, encourage sportsmanship, encourage the inclusion of all players on the team, etc.
Attend captains meetings prior to league. There will be 1 organizational meeting to discuss the draft, rules, etc, and also 1-2 meetings to pick teams.
Check and reply to emails about league. (We rely heavily on email to discuss issues).
Help make sure that all of your team members have paid and signed a waiver (electronically or paper), and players under 18 need to have a waiver signed by a parent. Return any collected money or waivers to league organizers.
Relay any appropriate info to your team.
Coordinate any issues that arise during a game with the other team captain.