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September 16, 2021

Skill Level Descriptions


Please select the skill rating that best describes you. If you feel you fall between skill ratings, you can use halves.


Skill Level 1

* Rank beginner

* Little or no league experience/little or no pickup experience

* Slow or average runner/not much endurance

* Limited throwing skills/backhand only/no forehand


Skill Level 2

* Still learning all the rules

* A year of pickup or league experience OR played a little many years ago

* Slow runner/not much endurance/average catching skills OR average runner/inconsistent catching and throwing


* Rank beginner, but really fast with excellent endurance and am willing to be taught disc skills


Skill Level 3

* A couple years of league experience/pickup

* Consistent backhand/shaky forehand, but it's getting there/average endurance and speed/average catching ability


* Consistent backhand and forehand/below average speed and endurance/good catching ability


Skill Level 4

* Several years of league experience

* Good consistent backhand and forehand/ average speed and endurance/good catching ability/maybe tend to handle


* Reliable backhand/forehand needs work/above average speed and endurance/good catching skills/usually don't handle


Skill Level 5

* Several years of league experience

* Very good throwing skills/average speed and endurance/tend to handle/good catching ability/a good handler


* Consistent throwing/very good speed and endurance/can catch almost anything/tend to be the one to burn you deep in the end zone


Skill Level 6

* Ringer, and a good one at that

* A lot of experience

* Handler for a high level league team


* Player for a high level team that has excellent speed and endurance, will layout and catch that impossible hammer in the end zone